Ann Christian

Meggin Gray

Training and Coaching

With her 20 plus years in fitness training, coaching, and management, Meggin was a natural to migrate to Neurofeedback training and coaching. Meggin has been a great asset to the Holistic Health & Counseling Center’s Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback team. She was a quick learner in mastering the complex equipment, programs, and protocols, and her insightful and caring approach has been what we value and want for each of our clients.

For the past three years, Meggin has performed testing, such as QEEG’s, TOVA’s, CNS VS Neurocognitive Testing, and administered Neurofeedback treatments, such as LENS, LORETA, IFS and BRT.

Meggin loves being part of this team of caring professionals who confidently work to

achieve the goals of restored health and wellness for each individual.


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