counselingDo I Need Counseling?

Every day millions of people search online for help with their problems, wondering if it’s finally time to reach out for direction and support to handle sadness, depression, anxiety, stress, fights with their partner or spouse, and family issues, among others.  If you’ve never talked to a counselor, social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist, it may seem like a mysterious process. What actually happens in there? Why can’t I just talk to my friend instead? Let’s take those questions one at a time.

Should I go to therapy?

If you think you might need to, that’s a good indicator that you should give it a try.  In the first session, it’s a time to tell your story, get some feedback and a sense of your therapist’s personality, and ask questions about how they work.  The therapist will listen, ask questions, and give you a preliminary assessment, so you can make a decision if you want to move forward.

There’s a saying that those who don’t study history are condemned to repeat it. Therapy is a place to recount your history and hear about new ideas: new ways to think about your life, new responses to replace your old ones that aren’t working, new skills to more effectively manage your life. We are extensively educated and experienced to help you with that.

What actually happens in counseling?

There will be paperwork, of course, including a written explanation of the privacy laws that govern licensed therapists. For example, you can tell us anything and keep it private, with these exceptions:

  • If you use insurance, your company has the right to your chart.
  • If you say you’re going to hurt yourself or someone else, we have to contact authorities.
  • If you say a child or elder has been or is being abused, we have to report this information as well.

We will take a history of the important events in your life, hear about your current challenges, and possibly have you fill out some tests to get a better diagnosis of your problem.  In future sessions, we will address the issues you want addressed.

Why can’t I just talk to my friends or family instead of counseling?

Friends and family are not unbiased, trained, objective, or equipped to help challenge and change your old thinking patterns which are no longer working. Talking to a friend without professional feedback just keeps the problem going in circles. There are thinking patterns, usually formed in childhood, of which you are completely unaware. We can show you how you are holding yourself back and perhaps help you find insight and freedom.

If you would like to explore therapy with us, we welcome your questions!
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