• Are you unhappy in your primary relationship?
  • Are you basically satisfied but feel there are a few nagging little issues you would like to improve?
  • Are you concerned that you and your partner have been drifting apart?
  • Are you constantly at odds with your partner and wanting the relationship to be calmer, more loving, and more affirming?
  • Are you trying to deal with infidelity or suspected infidelity?
  • Are you newlyweds struggling with all the things inherent in two people joining their lives?
  • Are you dealing with a partner’s substance abuse or other addiction, for example, pornography or gambling?
  • Is jealousy or suspicion driving a wedge between the two of you?
  • Are you confused about how to communicate your needs to your partner effectively?
  • Are there sexual issues you feel uncomfortable addressing with your partner?
  • Are you afraid of your partner?

Relationship counseling can make the difference in any of the above situations.  Whether you prefer individual counseling or joint couples counseling, a trained professional will be able to see things you cannot see.  Sometimes these can be simple things requiring only a few sessions.  In more complicated situations, a longer commitment may be required to achieve your relationship goals.  Don’t wait until things become unbearable.  Call 407-644-3593 now for an appointment with Mary Margaret Karp and start the journey toward getting where you want to be.