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Psychologist/Therapist Acupuncture Physician Certified Homeopath

Jeffrey L. Prickett, Psy.D., A.P., CCH, RSHom(NA) Psychologist/Therapist Acupuncture Physician Certified Homeopath When I began college I knew that I wanted to study some form of health care, possibly veterinary medicine, perhaps something else. By the end of my first year I “discovered” the field of Psychology, and knew this was what I wanted to…

Tyler March, M.S., LMHC, CYT I am a mental health therapist passionate about creating holistic and integrative solutions for the full spectrum of issues – from everyday struggles to severe mental health pathology. Being a therapist is an immense privilege and creating a space for authentic expression and genuine exploration of each individual’s human experience…

Nursing, QEEG Neurofeedback

Ann Christian, RN Nursing, QEEG Neurofeedback As registered nurses, Ann and Carole work closely with substance abuse patients providing ongoing assessments, support and patient teaching. They also perform diagnostic tests and treatments such as Quantitative EEG’s, brain mapping and Neurofeedback. Ann’s professional experience spans 40 years and includes twelve years in critical care in Detroit…

Office Manager

Pamela Office Manager   . Contact Phone number: 407-644-3593 Email: Pamela@hhandcc.com

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